Gift wrapping using eco friendly material

8 Ways to be Eco-Conscious this Holiday Season

Gifting our loved ones is a wonderful tradition at this time of the year. It’s even better when you can do it sustainably. We have 8 tips to share on gifting the eco-friendly way.

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Vineyards at Eco Terreno wine farm in Alexander Valley. The vines are shooting up to the blue sky.

Climate Conscious Cabernet Sauvignon: The Environmental Advocate

The Climate Conscious Cabernet Sauvignon represents our vineyard’s commitment to sustainability and closed-loop farming, acting as the eco-member of our Purpose Wines.

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Graphic of hands in the area to represent Social Justice. We support all efforts to bring social justice to the community

Social Justice Sauvignon Blanc: Championing Diversity

Our Social Justice Sauvignon Blanc was inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement and emphasizes Eco Terreno’s dedication to equality and justice for all

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Eco Terreno supports the efforts to help the housing crisis in San Francisco. The red flag is for the North Beach Citizens organization.

Cultivating Community Chardonnay: Helping End the Houseless Crisis

With locations in San Francisco, we’re keenly aware of the growing housing insecurity in the city. We created our Cultivating Community Chardonnay to help bring sensitivity to this topic and inspire action.

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The Pride flag. At Eco Terreno we support all efforts to support the gay community.

Pink Pride Rosé: The First Purpose Wine

Our Pink Pride Rosé is dedicated to championing LGBTQIA2S+ rights and persevering the fight for equality, both in our community and around the globe.

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People at a pride month march. Eco Terreno supports Pride month with their purpose wine collection.

Pride Month: A time to raise our voices

As a gay owned winery, Eco Terreno works as a team to advocate for social responsibility and give a platform to organizations addressing challenges in the LGBTQIA2S+ community.

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Packing cow manure into cow horns for biodynamic farming at Eco Terreno. There are 4 cow horns being packed with nutrient rich, organic cow manure.

Biodynamic preparation 500: What is cow-horn manure?

A healthy soil is the foundation of our winery. We enhance our soils fertility by applying cow manure.

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New hatchlings of chickens on our biodynamic farm, Eco Terreno

Biodynamic farming: Animals live freely on our farm

Farming biodynamically means healthy plants and healthy animals. We care for chickens, geese, ducks, and sheep visit every winter.

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Vineyard row on a biodynamic wine farm practicing minimal tilling

Farm health: The benefits of minimal tilling on a vineyard

As a biodynamic vineyard we nurture our soil. Breaking up soil, or tilling, is damaging to the microbiome. We practice this minimally.

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Bee flying towards a red flower in the bee garden at Eco Terreno

Farm health: The importance of bees in our vineyard

Bees are necessary for life on our planet. We need to protect them at all costs. This is why signed up to be a bee-friendly certified farm. It’s another way we believe in giving back.

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