Giving back.

The Eco Terreno Wines & Vineyards journey began with a commitment to “do better.” We chose to farm our vineyards with respect and reverence to the land and become part of the solution, as opposed to part of the problem, and to inspire others through our actions.

Mark Lyon, a gay man in an industry typically known as a “boys club,” has never shied away from a challenge. In 2012, an inspiring vineyard visit in Bordeaux further illustrated his evolving understanding of the challenges ahead. During the visit, Mark reaffirmed his beliefs that industrial farming practices contribute to an unhealthy world and he decided to “do better” and adopt an even more progressive and sustainable farming philosophy. He determined Biodynamic and regenerative practices were the way forward and his research led him to Biodynamic consultant, Daphne Armory. She helped him achieve his goals and continues to support us to this day.

Through the journey of tending to our soil and vines, we became deeply rooted in regenerative farming’s philosophy of giving back. Our philosophy for farming the land became a catalyst for broadening our scope of what it truly means to give back. We are fortunate to recognize and acknowledge that earth and its inhabitants are interconnected, and we must invest in the health and well-being of people and the land.

We now support over 30 non-profit partners and their heroic efforts with donations, time, event space, and much more. In 2019 we launched a “purpose” line of wines created for the many requests we receive for wine donations. Our Pink Pride Rosé supports the LGBTQ+ community. Social Justice Sauvignon Blanc supports immigration and the many socially marginalized communities. Cultivating Community Chardonnay supports the unhoused and unfed community. Climate Conscious Cabernet Sauvignon supports trailblazers working diligently to heal our planet. Eco Terreno Wines & Vineyards commits $1 for every bottle sold to our non-profit partners, supporting important social causes in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond with every bottle sold.

For our Eco Terreno work-family we offer above-average living pay wages, unparalleled benefits, and exemplary work-life balance. We are aware that our team invests more than anyone towards our success and are grateful for their contributions and huge hearts.

The search for the simple task of “doing better” is unending, and as we celebrate our journey we are rewarded two-fold from the strides we’ve made and are excited for those yet to come! Thank you for joining us!


Immigration and Diversity


The bee and earth logo that is on the label for the Climate Conscious Cabernet.