Drink what you believe in.

Tending the earth, regenerating the future.

Our farming practices are designed to enhance the earth as well as everything that grows within and around it.

At Eco Terreno, farming vineyards is about more than making amazing wine for your glass. It’s about caring for the health and vitality of our world and embracing the benefits of regenerative farming… healing, restoring, and strengthening the land.

Industrial farming has devastating effects on our land and is a large contributor to the dangers of climate change. Changing this narrative is well within our grasp, and soil, when cared for naturally without chemicals, can help us rewrite it.

Our commitment to doing no harm actively boosts the health of our farm, the neighboring river, and the community of insects, birds, fish, and land animals that call our area home.

With diligence and time, our soil has returned to its robust natural state. It now gives back more carbon than it takes. It’s our unsung hero, literally fighting climate change by sequestering carbon while producing excellent organic and Biodynamically farmed fruit for our wine portfolio.

We have the power to choose our farming practices, you have the power to support our practices and a farm you believe in. Will you opt for beneficial, regenerative farming, or damaging, industrial agriculture? It’s an easy decision for us!

As we challenge the industry norm, we’re grateful you’ve joined us in our commitment to “bee” the change. Your support is a necessary and critical step toward ending the harmful cycles of industrial farming.

Dig deep with us to discover how your wine is farmed.


Choose our delicious wines and drink what you believe in.

Urban Tasting Room - Jackson Square, San Francisco

inside the eco terreno urban tasting room in san francisco

Taste the wines of Alexander Valley, grown on our Biodynamic and organic estate.

Open Thursday - Saturday. See more details.

We're bringing wine country to San Francisco with our upscale, urban tasting room, a space inspired by the beauty of our regenerative wine farm in Alexander Valley.

Enjoy wine by the glass or choose from one of our wine tasting experiences.

Our Urban Tasting is located in San Francisco's historic Jackson Square neighborhood at 140 Columbus Ave, San Francisco.

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We do as we say.

The sunshine coming through the vines leaves with some small green grapes growing on the vines.

We farm for the future.

As a certified Biodynamic® and organic farm, our practices regenerate and strengthen the soil, reduce the harmful effects of carbon, and build a healthy habitat for our animal community. Our farm has no need for synthetic chemicals, fungicides, or pesticides. Neither do you...

We embrace the whole farm approach.

A Biodynamic® farm is a self-contained, self-sustaining organism promoting the health and resilience of its crops and the wider community. The interdependence of both reach far deeper than the roots of the vines and far broader than the breathtaking views. We are more than a farm. We are caretakers of the earth, offering a safe habitat for wildlife, insects, livestock, cover crops, and vines. As our holistic farming philosophy naturally stimulates and sustains its inherent health, we are acutely aware of our responsibilities and the role we play in our relationships with nature and community.

A whole farm is a bountiful farm.

The beekeeper holding up a hive of bees that have been lifted out of the bee box.
A group of employees helping bury the horns of compost in a hole that has been dug on the vineyard.

We inspire change from hand to heart.

The essence of Eco Terreno is our team. We are grateful for the joy they bring to every day, in every way: on our farm, in the office, and in our urban tasting room with you. Raise your glass to them and be inspired to do the same.

Seasonal scenes of life at Eco Terreno.

As the seasons change at Eco Terreno, so too does our scenery. Regardless of the season, the beauty is enduring and an inspiration to us. Every winter we welcome a large flock of sheep to graze on our cover crops between the vines. They are nature's mowing team, fertilizers, and soil aerators. We love having them to stay for a few months, especially because they bring their lambs along too...  (Photos taken February, 2024)

Sheep grazing between the vines at Eco Terreno wines & vineyard in Sonoma County, Alexander Valley
They work hard, roaming, grazing, fertilizing, and stamping the ground.
Lamb staring at the camera up close, between the vines at Eco Terreno wines & vineyard, Sonoma County
Lambs love our lush cover crops too.
Cover crop between the vines at the Eco Terreno wine farm in Alexander Valley, Sonoma County
During winter our vines are dormant but our cover crops are vibrant.
Sheep grazing between the vines at Eco Terreno wines & vineyard in Sonoma County, Alexander Valley
They work hard, roaming, grazing, fertilizing, and stamping the ground.
Cute lamb with its mother walking through the cover crop at the Eco Terreno wine farm in Alexander Valley
The cover crops grow so high, up to our little lamb's knees.
Sheepdog guarding the sheep at the Eco Terreno wine farm during winter
Our watchful sheep dog loves lying in the vines as much our the sheep.
One of the sheep at the Eco Terreno vineyard staring at the camera while the other sheep are grazing on the cover crops
Getting up close and personal with one of the many in the flock.
Lamb standing in the thick cover crop growing between the vines at Eco Terreno wines & vineyards.
It's hard not to marvel at the beauty of nature, like this cute as can be lamb.

Encouraging joy, celebration, and commitment

We encourage others to celebrate special and everyday moments by opening a bottle of our wines. In this spirit, we celebrated a special moment for some of our Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc old vines, reaching the milestone of 50 years of sustained life. It is at these times of reflection we are encouraged in our commitment to the practice of regenerative farming.

a birthday cupcake with a 50 sign on top, sitting on an old vine at the Eco Terreno vineyard
This vine's 50 years old and still going strong!
the guest table set up in the vines at the eco terreno vineyard in alexander Valley
Dining amongst our old vines.
the chef making a large pan of paella at the Eco Terreno party to celebrate the old vines aged at 50 years
Paella freshly made by a true expert of the trade.
Bottle of Eco Terreno old vine cabernet being poured to a guest at the 50th celebration
Old Vine Cabernet Sauvignon being enjoyed.

Giving Back

Inspiring actions of humanity led to the creation of our Purpose wines, devoted to raising awareness and enhancing the lives of those in need. We support the efforts of the big-hearted community that helps others.


Pink Pride Rosé - our first Purpose wine. As an LGBTQIA2S+ owned winery, we understand the importance of celebrating authentic pride in our communities.

Immigration and Diversity

Social Justice Sauvignon Blanc - raises awareness of the benefits of a diverse and multi-cultural community and supports our farmworkers.


Cultivating Community Chardonnay - supports efforts committed to preventing and ending homelessness and food insecurity.


Climate Conscious Cabernet Sauvignon - our commitment to protecting the earth's future by following regenerative farming practices to fight climate change.


Empowering Education Red Wine - champions those in education working to ensure equal opportunities are accessible to all.

Working together makes our farm beautiful.

Rewarded for our efforts.

We are grateful for the many compliments we receive.

Bottle of merlot on the ground surrounded by honeycomb, leaves and native seeds from a tree.
Robert Parker's Wine Advocate 90 points award for wine

2018 Old Vine Cabernet Sauvignon

90 Points Robert Parker's Wine Advocate

“A deep ruby color and aromas of cassis, milk chocolate, warm plums and baking spice. The palate is medium-bodied, grainy and fresh with a spice-driven finish.”

Jen Dunnuck 90 Points award for wine

2019 Cultura Chardonnay

90 Points Jeb Dunnuck

“Pure citrus, honeyed flowers, lemon blossom, and a kiss of sappy herbs all emerge from the 2019 Chardonnay Cultura, a medium-bodied, fresh, crisp Chardonnay that has good overall balance and length.”

James Suckling 93 points award for wine

2017 Otoño Red Wine

93 Points James Suckling

“Attractive aromas of blackberries and blackcurrants here with a wealth of smooth and juicy dark berries on offer, as well as leaves, forest wood and vibrant cherries. The palate has a deeply fleshy feel with dark fruit riding on sturdy yet supple tannins. Full body. Drink or hold.”

'Bee' a part of the solution.

If you select what you eat carefully, you should also choose what you drink carefully.
In these three simple ways, you can make a positive impact today.

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Enjoy an urban tasting experience in Jackson Square, San Francisco.

Our urban tasting room, in the historically rich neighborhood of Jackson Square, offers four unique wine and food pairings.

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