It began with a bird...

It was 2012 and Mark was staying in the house on our vineyard. He noticed a small bird on the ground foraging for food while someone in a hazmat suit sprayed fungicide on the nearby vines. As he witnessed this incongruent scene, a thought began to take root. One that wouldn't let go.

That summer he toured the vineyards of Bordeaux and was reminded of that day while observing flocks of birds in their chemical-free environments. As he tasted through the famed, select estate wines, he noted their subtle nuance of depth and definitive sense of place.

Upon returning to his vineyard in Alexander Valley, he became determined to capture this expression of regenerative, clean farming in his own wines. But it would take time and commitment. Mark’s challenges, to name a few, included; a lack of soil coverage, vines devoid of their natural defenses and benefits, and most glaring, was the absence of birdsong and sounds of insects and animals.

He knew this image was lacking. He knew he must make a change and be a part of the solution instead of a part of the problem. This began our journey to Biodynamic farming at Eco Terreno Wines & Vineyards.

It was an undertaking of immense proportions, requiring him to dispel the myths of industrial farming so prevalent in the wine industry. However, never shy of a challenge, Mark and his team have become one of the few leading Biodynamic and organic certified vineyards in the US.

And that desire to make wines with a sense of place?

Mission accomplished! Eco Terreno wines are 100% estate grown with a thoughtful palate that is a perfect reflection of the beautiful Alexander Valley and the biodiversity of our farm.

Maybe you too can hear that little bird in each glass of Eco Terreno wine…

The Lyon Vineyard entry sign, with sunflowers growing in the front

The story of our name.

Eco Terreno, a Spanish phrase, translates to ‘ecology of the land.’ The name reflects our dedication and reverence to the land, and our desire to care for its long-term health and well-being.

Nestled in nature’s beauty.

Eco Terreno lies on the banks of the Russian River, in the premier wine region of Alexander Valley, Northern California. The fog from the nearby Pacific Ocean rolls in, blanketing the farm until mid-morning. Temperatures climb early afternoon, to later subside in the evening. These conditions are ideal for our grapes to mature slowly while we balance the health of the vine. Together the microclimate and ancient soils of our valley bring depth and texture to the canvas of our wines.

And earth to table painted stick standing up in the garden bed