Our team is the bee's knees!

Being change agents in the wine industry wouldn’t be possible without a fabulous team. And we have the best of the best, in Alexander Valley, Sonoma, and San Francisco. Thank you for all your hard work and especially your passion!

Our Alexander Valley Vineyard Team

Mark Lyon, Winemaker & Vintner; Nicole Tracy, Vineyard Manager; Jose Sanchez, Assistant Vineyard Manager; Pedro Andrade, Farm & Gardens Coordinator; Tori Henkel, Animal Integration Coordinator; Villibaldo Orozco-Alcanter, Vineyard Tractor Team Member; Francisco Reynaldo, Lead Vineyard Team Member; Rogelio Rodriquez, Vineyard Team Member; Carlos Rojas, Vineyard Team Member; Angel Santamaria, Vineyard Team Member

Our Sonoma Office

Rob Izzo, General Manager; Jennifer Sunia, Operations Manager; Carrie Kearns, Office Manager; Penny Aaseby, Controller; Haley Rome Sundberg, Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Our Urban Tasting Room San Francisco Team

Joe Ball, Executive Chef; Dawn Agnew, Hospitality Director; Matteo Villano, Restaurant Manager & Beverage Director