An ecosystem, not just a vineyard.

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An ecosystem, not just a vineyard.

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We love our farm.

Every morning as we approach the vineyard a luxurious blanket of fog greets us. The silent, ethereal beauty catches each snap of a twig under our boots and hides the content morning clucks of our hens. With a hot mug of coffee and three to four layers of warmth, we head out through the dampness and by mid-morning the layers are piled on the back of the truck as we wipe sweat off our brows.

The fog rolling up the river from the Petaluma Gap and down the river from coastal influence is literally trapped in our small hamlet of the valley. As a result, cool temperatures are typically cooler and hot temperatures, hotter. It’s not unusual to see temperatures reaching 100 degrees or higher in Cloverdale while in every direction, just a short distance away, they are capping out in the lower to mid 90’s.

These extreme, yet highly beneficial, micro-climates are what highlight Eco Terreno Wines & Vineyards ripening potential. As the cool mornings and evening give way to the hot afternoons, our grapes are offered ideal maturation temperatures with the added luxury of a cool drink of water.

As we farm for the future with our animal family, supportive team, and healthy vines, we embrace our sense of place with decisions driven first by a commitment to our ecosystem and also to offering you outstanding wines.

Thank you for walking this journey with us, as we look forward to many years together.