Pink Pride Rosé: The First Purpose Wine

As an LGBTQIA2S+ owned winery, we understand the importance of celebrating authentic pride in our communities. We see our bottle of Pink Pride Rosé, with it’s joyful rainbow bee on the label, as an outward announcement of our Pride and message of acceptance.

The first wine in our Purpose Line is our Pink Pride Rosé. As a gay owned and operated company, we’ve always kept equality at the forefront, championing the voices of those who may not always have a platform. This wine is made for sipping and is described as fun, fruit-forward, and proud! As it pairs perfectly with poolside pleasure, our Pink Pride Rosé is ideal for the summer, making it a gorgeous companion for any Pride Month activities. We often donate our Pink Pride to various LGBTQSIA2+ foundations and events across the Bay Area, making it known that we’re unafraid to celebrate the causes and people we believe in.

Our founder, Mark Lyon, was the first out gay winemaker in California and, perhaps, the USA. He came out during the ’80s when he was working for Sebastiani Vineyards and has been a vocal part of the community and in Queer spaces ever since.

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Our Purpose Line wine collection supports many important causes. For more information about the full collection, please visit our Purpose Pack page.

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