Climate Conscious Cabernet Sauvignon: The Environmental Advocate

Our Climate Conscious Cabernet Sauvignon is a very important member of our Purpose Line, as it’s so closely tied to our farming practices and the core values of our company.

As a commitment to protecting the Earth, we follow organic and Biodynamic farming practices for growing the grapes for our wines and the fruit and vegetables for our San Francisco Urban Tasting Room. Our founder Mark Lyon created Eco Terreno, whose very title means “Ecology of the Land,” because he felt a duty to protect our world and create wine in the most environmentally friendly ways possible. 

The bee on every label of our Climate Conscious Cabernet Sauvignon is joyfully adorned with a picture of the earth, serving as a reminder that every bottle is dedicated to eco-friendly farming and sustainability.

Our 2020 vintage has recently sold out but will still be available at select upcoming Eco Terreno events. The palate of the wine is described as bright and juicy, with generous undertones of baking spice that can be drawn back to the care and precision that’s given to the grapes in our vineyard. We hold the belief that nothing outdoes nature, therefore we use no synthetic materials in our farming that could contribute to a loss of soil health or damage to the natural ecosystem present in Alexander Valley.

Our company was founded on the principle that trusting nature is the best way to create both a better wine and a brighter future, the idea of which came when our head winemaker Mark Lyon watched a bird land in a vineyard that had just been sprayed with pesticides. It didn’t make sense to him that we could both rely on the land and pepper it with poisons, so he created Eco Terreno Wines & Vineyards to act as a protector of the environment and a friend to the earth. Our vineyard practices have always been in line with this, championing plant diversity, animal life, composting, and closed-loop farming above all else.

As is the case with each of the wines in our Purpose Line, our Climate Conscious Cabernet Sauvignon has often been donated to various foundations and events that help to support our environment and fight climate change.

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