Social Justice Sauvignon Blanc: Championing Diversity

The third Purpose Wine in our Purpose Line is our Social Justice Sauvignon Blanc, which was born out of the Black Lives Matter movement in 2019. 

As society was finally becoming aware of the nuance and intensity of how Black people and POC are affected by racism, we were inspired to search out non-profit organizations and foundations to help support BLM and the messages associated. 

We created our Social Justice Sauvignon Blanc as a constant reminder at each event we participate in, each pouring and function we donate to, that we stand with the marginalized and are unafraid to make our position known. 

Bottle of Eco Terreno Social Justice Sauvignon Blanc lying on a wooden table with a glass of white wine and a corkscrew next to it.

The 2022 vintage of the Social Justice Sauvignon Blanc is described as having aromas of white flower and citrus, with a palate of peach, apricot, lemon, and honeydew. The wine pairs beautifully with briny shellfish, rich cheeses, and crisp vegetables. 

We’ve also taken the message of social justice into how we operate our business, from the Spanish accessibility we offer in our company communications and documents to above-industry wages and no-contribution benefits we offer our staff. We’ve done a lot of work to support the farmworker population and have made sure that all instruction is available in both English and Spanish while offering resources for our employees to learn either language. 

Our Social Justice Sauvignon Blanc is a symbol of Eco Terreno’s solidarity with the marginalized and represents the work we’ve done and the steps forward we’re making to help our community. It can be purchased individually through our website or can be delivered with no additional shipping costs as a part of our Purpose Pack subscription. 

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