Packing cow manure into cow horns for biodynamic farming at Eco Terreno. There are 4 cow horns being packed with nutrient rich, organic cow manure.

Biodynamic preparation 500: What is cow-horn manure?

A healthy soil is the foundation of our winery. We enhance our soils fertility by applying cow manure.

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New hatchlings of chickens on our biodynamic farm, Eco Terreno

Biodynamic farming: Animals live freely on our farm

Farming biodynamically means healthy plants and healthy animals. We care for chickens, geese, ducks, and sheep visit every winter.

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Vineyard row on a biodynamic wine farm practicing minimal tilling

Farm health: The benefits of minimal tilling on a vineyard

As a biodynamic vineyard we nurture our soil. Breaking up soil, or tilling, is damaging to the microbiome. We practice this minimally.

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Bee flying towards a red flower in the bee garden at Eco Terreno

Farm health: The importance of bees in our vineyard

Bees are necessary for life on our planet. We need to protect them at all costs. This is why signed up to be a bee-friendly certified farm. It’s another way we believe in giving back.

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Sign at entrance to Eco Terreno biodynamic vineyard

What it takes to get Biodynamic® Certification for a vineyard

As a certified biodynamic farm, we grow in sync with nature. It ensures our wines from Alexander Valley are delicious.

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Barn owl flying in the sky

Our feathered helpers: Deterring pests naturally with raptors at Eco Terreno

We maintain a wild riparian area to encourage raptors to our farm. It’s a perfect partnership with benefits for all.

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Bluebird nesting box amongst vineyards at Eco Terreno

Farming with nature: The benefits of bluebirds on a vineyard

A healthy birdlife is a sign of a healthy farm. We encourage bluebirds to our vineyard by offering bird boxes for safe nesting.

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Spring onions growing vibrantly in the edible garden

Regenerative agriculture: Growing produce at our wine farm

Our vineyard is more than grapes. As regenerative farmers we grow organic produce all year round. That’s biodiversity.

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Red grapes growing at Eco Terreno vineyard

Saving water on a vineyard: How we limit our water usage

Farming regeneratively conserves water. We focus on building healthy soil able to retain moisture naturally.

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Small buds appearing on the vines at Eco Terreno

Budbreak at Eco Terreno: 2022 Review

The first sign of the vintage ahead. We prepare the vines for budbreak with a nutrient rich vermicompost made on the farm.

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