Soil from the vineyard in an employees hand

Importance of healthy soil in the vineyard and why we care so much

Our soil health matters the most to us and the environment we live in. And it shows in our exceptional wine quality!

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Grapes hanging on the vine at Eco Terreno

Regenerative Wine Farming: What it is and why it matters to our farm and the earth

At Eco Terreno we farm to the highest environmental standard – biodynamically, organically, and regeneratively.

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After winter pruning, small shoots reappear during winter time on the vineyard.

Survival of the strongest canes

That’s a wrap folks – we’ve finished our winter pruning! Bud break is about a month away, give or take (depending on the varietal), and…

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A herd of sheep eating the grass between the row of vines

How we use sheep for sustainability

Bud break typically arrives shortly after spring begins in late-March, and we’re working hard to prepare for the start of the 2021 vintage. Until then,…

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Hands in gloves, pruning the vines during winter.

The importance of pruning

Our farming practices are guided by the seasonal rhythm of our vineyards. As the land absorbs nutrients from the winter rains, preparing for another growing…

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