Robert Parker scores Eco Terreno

In our second consecutive year of Robert Parker ratings, we are pleased to announce 90 points or higher for every wine submitted! Mark Lyon, winemaker and founder of Eco Terreno, embraces purpose driven and thoughtful farming practices. Through choosing what is healthy for our farm and the people who tend it, our Biodynamically farmed wine exhibits an authentic sense of terroir and finesse. These wines will be released later in 2020.

2017 Leoncito Red Blend – 92 points

2016 Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon – 92 points

2017 Old Vine Cabernet Sauvignon – 91 points

2017 Otono Cabernet Sauvignon – 90 points

Listening to the land is foundational for growing the very best wine grapes. How do we listen to our land?

Soil picked up from the vineyard in the hands of an Eco Terreno team member.

At Eco Terreno the authentic sense of terroir is driven by our passion for soil health and the vast components that affect it. The increase of recirculated organic matter, biodiversity, and friability (the crumbly texture of soil ideal for underground activity) lays the foundation of success for overall capacity of the land.

As we see the trend of higher temperatures becoming more frequent and intense, erosion is avoided by using cover crops that act as a sponge, holding water to reduce compaction and surface crusting during dry spells. With the added benefit of millions of insects and microorganisms paired with chickens and goats moving about a permanent flowering cover crop, our vibrant soil is alive and abundant with nutrients. The holistic natural surroundings encourage the plants to reach downward into the vibrant soil for food and moisture, creating strong, healthy, and resilient vines responsible for producing some of the best Biodynamically grown fruit in Sonoma County.

We prepare for the gradual yet profoundly impactful changes in our climate by taking rootstock and varietal selection into consideration. It is imperative that our selection of grapes are not only able to survive until harvest, but also age well and produce the highest quality of aroma and flavor.

Mark honors traditional old-world technique combined with new world methods plus the added value of technological advances in wine production. As a result of his expertise and attention to detail, we’ve seen a measured increase in the health of our land, and our land is clearly doing its job. The results speak loud and clear, and we’re honored!

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